At a Glance

  • Customized look and feel integrates with your site easily
  • Easy self-maintenance lets you add, delete, or modify questions and answers in real time; change your look and feel options, too
  • Hosted on our servers - no software to install or update; doesn't consume your bandwidth
  • Natural language search and other user-friendly features gives your customers a great experience
  • Reports tell you what topics are popular and helpful (and which ones are not)
  • Optional incident management allows you to track customer's questions and integrate them into your FAQ automatically

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Welcome to FAQ-Pro

How can you...

  • Save money?
  • Increase customer satisfaction?
  • Reduce hosting headaches?


Let your customers answer their own questions. FAQ-Pro's hosted FAQ solutions are the answer for CRM satisfaction. Easy self-maintenance means you can add, change, and delete questions when you want. You can control the look and feel of your FAQ to integrate with your site.

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FAQ-Pro for Pro Web Developers

Learn how to add FAQ-Pro to your customer's Web sites and increase your service revenue.

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